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  • I have trained under Zach Filer for over 5 years. I have gain confidence not only in my physical abilities but in taking on new challenges in my life that have nothing to do with working out. I am a happier, healthier person for training under this leadership at Northwest Strength and Performance.
    Michelle Beckman, Member
  • Northwest Strength and Performance has made me a happier healthier woman. Never having been an athlete before, I am now an amazing role model to my kids, an advocate of good health, and a part of a community that I adore. I keep my morning workouts with this crew a sacred part of my day that I look forward to with great enthusiasm.
    Rhiannon Wolfe-Jones, Member
  • This gym– this club– and its programming will challenge you beyond anything you thought you could do– the workouts and fitness while important, is nothing measured against the friendships it has brought into my life and the community it has built.
    Matt Brenton, Member
  • Thanks to Zach Filer and the crew at Northwest Strength and Performance, I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been. The coaches and the community are amazingly supportive whether your goal is to compete or simply improve your strength and endurance.
    Laura Newcomer, Member
  • In this explosive time for the CrossFit brand just about anyone can hang a banner and do alright by people through a random mash of WODs. This place is different.
    Skylar Pond, Member
  • When I first started training with Zach Filer more than five years ago, I couldn't do a pull-up or a push-up, and I'd never touched a barbell or a kettlebell. They have never once made me feel badly about what I could or couldn't do, but have always pushed me - and still do. Over time, working with them, I've come to see myself in a way I never imagined I would - as someone who is strong and physically capable. Every day here is both fun and challenging.
    Destiny Itano, Member
  • Strength is one thing in life that is truly earned. You absolutely get out of it, what you put into it. The coaches at Northwest Strength and Performance have pushed me to believe in my own strength. To want it.  
    Carrie Winecoff, Member

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Zach Filer

Zach Filer is the owner and Head Coach at NorthWest Strength and Performance. Zach is also the Chief of Programming and Lead Instructor for the CrossFit Specialty KettleBell Course ( He is also a Lead Instructor for Tactical Athlete seminar staff ( and has over ten years of experience in the fitness industry.
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Skylar Pond

Dr. Skylar Pond, D.C., CCSP has been a sports medicine chiropractor in Seattle for the past 5 years. His treatment plans involve Graston Technique and orthopedic massage as well as chiropractic and physical therapy exercises because feeling better is a consequence of moving better.
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