Get Started

Getting started with Northwest Strength and Performance is as simple as coming in for your free first workout.

Contact us to schedule an intro time or simply walk in to try a class. Walk-in classes are open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday– please check the posted class schedule. (Any classes you see listed as Tier 1 are not available for walk-in).

What to Expect

Your training with Northwest Strength and Performance will begin with an acclimation period during which you can learn the foundation of workout-based intensity through simplified versions of the day’s posted workout. These “simplified” workouts will provide plenty of athletic challenge, but they will be designed with a beginner skill level in mind. Under the watchful eye of our coaches, skilled specialists in strength, conditioning, and sport performance, you will learn to push your body safely, without being overwhelmed by overly complex movement patterns. The workouts at Northwest Strength and Performance may be a bit foreign compared to what you are used to seeing in traditional gyms, so this approach allows your skill set to grow and develop along with your comfort with our program.

Our training staff prides itself on its ability to help members of all levels of skill and physical capability find ways to progress toward their goals. Every athlete is unique, and the coaches use this initial period to get to know each new member and their present level of overall fitness. During their first month, every athlete is strongly encouraged to complete our three Tier One Training Courses that are offered on a weekly schedule. These classes are designed to help you understand and feel the proper mechanics of our basic movements, providing a platform of comfort for you to build on.

Our Program

Here at Northwest Strength and Performance we utilize head coach Zach Filer’s Depth Training Program. The program is designed with two tiers in mind. The first tier is designed to challenge athletes and build skills. Tier Two is for more seasoned athletes who have proven their skill and drive. Both Tiers will kick your butt. The day’s workout, with both Tier One and Tier Two versions, are listed on our training log.

Tier One Classes

T1 Training Class A – Load-bearing body positioning, fundamental squat methods
T1 Training Class B – Overhead lifting transition, stabilization and fixation
T1 Training Class C – Body mechanics for the deadlift and ergometer

Northwest Strength and Performance offers two Tier One Training Classes a week. Tier One “A” every Thursday morning at 8am and Saturday mornings at 8am on a rotating schedule (Scroll over the class on the scheduling page to find the dates that each class will be taught). Tier One “A” Thursday morning class MUST be scheduled prior to that Thursday.

Beginner’s Consultation

Getting signed up with Northwest Strength and Performance is easy too. Just sit down with our Head Coach Zach Filer for a free consultation after you try us out. Your free consultation gives you a chance to get to know our staff and ask any questions you still have regarding your training with us. Our pricing can be found on our Schedule and Pricing page.

Again, the first step is just getting in the door and trying us out, so pick a day and come on in. You’ll never know how far you can take yourself if you don’t try.