I/C Seminars

For those looking for a thorough grounding in Iron Club methodology, we are now pleased to offer an I/C Instructors Course!


I/C Kettlebell Training– This will cover kettlebell basics, advanced strength and conditioning kettlebell components and application of Kettlebell Sport methods into your program and CrossFit Training. This will all be covered thoroughly in both practical and during white board sessions during the weekend.

  1. Basics
    • Kettlebell Swing Progression
      • KB Deadlift, Russian Swing, American Swing
    • Kettlebell Clean
    • Kettlebell Snatch
    • Kettlebell Press, Push Press and Jerk
    • Rehab Movements
      • ArmBars
      • Turkish Getup
  2. Advanced Strength and Conditioning
    • Double Kettlebells
      • Double Clean
      • Double Press, push press and Jerk
      • Diggers
      • Double Snatch
  3. Kettlebell Sport Methods
    • Breathing Cycles
    • Mental Aspects
    • Carry-over to other movements

I/C Squatting- That’s right we’re gonna teach you how the Club squats and why we think its successful for helping retain strength during deloading phases with limited bar time. This will be a practical session taking place Sunday morning.

I/C Depth Programming- We will spend a number of session over the weekend discussing the proper application of the I/C model for depth programming and how to properly apply a Tier system to it for success in your facility.

  1. Terminology
  2. Tier System
  3. Sports Performance Options


It pretty much is gonna be an all I/C weekend covering the methods, how to apply them, and how to teach many of the movements you see involved with our program. During the weekend there will be a Physical Test and the course will conclude with a Practical Evaluation. Completion of both aspects must be successful in order to pass the course.