Iron Club founder, Zach Filer, has been consulting coaches and advising interns for his entire career. His experience running personal training gyms as well as successful CrossFit gyms and satellite coaching programs has led to other coaches seeking out his advice. As the need grew we decided to create the internship and satellite consulting programs.

This program can be broken down to include the following:

  • 1 – 60 minute video chat session with I/C Head Coaches & Advisers per month or 2 – 30 minute sessions depending on your needs
  • Access via e-mail and phone correspondence with I/C Coaches and community regarding training, coaching, business questions, etc.
  • Access to our intern discussion forum where questions are asked and answered with Zach and amongst the coaches community
  • Regular monthly homework assignments designed to help you become better at your individual goals whether that be coaching or programming or anything in between
  • Access to the gym if you’re ever in town and a discounted rate for attending any related I/C Seminar


Goals of the Internship:

  • To prepare coaches to run a successful training facility
  • Teach I/C styles of coaching
  • Outline I/C methods of program design and implementations for individuals as well as a group or class settings


Curriculum Outline


  • How to program for a large group with varying levels of skill
  • Avoiding injury in your athletes
  • Why joint prep?
  • How to properly warm up and cool down
  • Programming for sports specific athletes
  • The I/C Tier Method and how to apply it to your program
  • Individualized variation in a group setting
  • Making gains on lifts without actually doing those lifts
  • Kettlebelling for conditioning
  • How to design Cycle based Tier Programs for GPP, Sport, Strength, Power and or Mass.
  • How to apply tempos, alternate rep schemes and skill transfer movements into your Program for optimal results.
  • How to Preload, Load and Deload for I/C style Edition Cycles.
  • How to work with groups of individuals with different needs, goals and or injuries.
  • How to offer a different product in your area and set yourself apart from other run of the mill facilities.


Tier Classes (does not apply to Satellite Interns)

  • T1 Training Class A – Load-bearing body positioning, fundamental squat methods
  • T1 Training Class B – Overhead lifting transition, stabilization and fixation
  • T1 Training Class C – Body mechanics for the deadlift


Coaching Cues

  • Establishing the role of coach and athlete/lifter and why that’s so important
  • How to be corrective and effective in your coaching cues
  • Cues to avoid
  • How to assess an individual based on their known physical abilities
  • How to assess an individual to discover currently unknown abilities and limitations


Diet & Recovery

  • The I/C Nutrition Plan explained in detail along with access to the I/C Private Nutrition blog and lecture video
  • Eating for strength vs. eating for weight loss


What To Expect

  • Weekly articles and round table discussions with head coaches and other interns on the intern discussion forum
  • Monthly home work assignments personalized to help further your individual goals as a coach, trainer or programmer
  • Access to head coaches and business advisers of Iron Club Athletics via e-mail, text, phone call for clarification, questions, etc during each month as needed



  • Meetings will occur on a monthly basis, either once per month or twice per month based on your individual needs
  • If meetings occur on a monthly basis, they will last up to 60 minutes. If the meetings occur twice per month, they will last up to 30 minutes. This is the amount of time that is set aside for you as an appointment. If you run out of questions or topics, it may be shorter, but you have the full time allotted, so call in prepared and use it wisely.
  • These meetings will occur via an online face to face exchange (i.e. Skype, FaceTime, etc.) or in-person for those near our Seattle based facility.
  • During each meeting we will discuss your recently completed homework/assignment(s) and address the next part of your learning.



We understand that Coaching experience, movement knowledge and program design back grounds can greatly vary between applicants. The goal is that no matter what level you enter into the program at that we help to hone your skill set for greater levels of success in your current and future career paths.

Commitment Length

There is no commitment length. As with all of our services, if you are unhappy with the service or feel you need a change, you are not held to anything. However, anything less than 3 appointments is generally not useful for significant improvement and understanding.

A note about work load and time commitment

This internship is designed to ensure that interns and coaches come out prepared to be head coaches of their own facility. With that in mind, we know that as a coach, you are currently working full time and we intend to add to your current outline with this program and not distract from it. You can expect 1 homework assignment monthly and it will be thorough with your goals in mind. This assignment will be reviewed in full during 1 of your bi-monthly video chat appointments with Zach. Your other video chat appointment can be used to discuss anything you want – programming, business specific questions, etc. There will also be 1-2 weekly discussions posted on the blog that you are expected to participate in. You will also be critiqued on your program writing, coaching and other aspects of training on a regular basis. You may be asked to write articles, design a program for review and submit video’s as well. The intern program can be an ongoing part of your coaching or scheduled with a specific end date goal in mind. We will custom tailor it to your needs.



  • $200 per month (including 1 x 90 minute meeting per month OR 2 x 45 minute meetings per month)
  • Payment programs may be created on an individual basis — ask about scheduling an I/C Seminar at your facility to offset the cost of this program


Initial Homework

  • If you are interested in applying for this program, please complete the initial homework listed below and submit to — This homework will be the basis for our first Meeting
  • This initial homework piece will help us see where you’re at with your experience in this field as well as help us get an idea of where your goals are.
  • This isn’t something you will fail or be chastised for, don’t hesitate to write out anything that comes to mind in reference to these questions.
  • Again I want to hear YOUR answers for these not what you believe I’d like to hear. We look to invest in individuals that are passionate about this field and in the end will best represent us and our ideals, hearing what you have to say about these questions helps us begin to customize your consulting experience.
  1. Why do you want to be a coach/trainer?
  2. In 150 words or less, define your current training philosophy. Basically, where do draw your choice in program design and style from.
  3. Give me 5 Bench Marks you would have established in your gym to gauge your athletes progress with. These dont have to be ones you think I’d like to hear but the things you’d pride yourself on being able to make better in your athletes.
  4. List your related previous career accomplishments. And what are your goals for your career in regards to this program?



If you are unclear of what is expected of you for this initial assignment, please e-mail us for clarification.