Date:January 20, 2015

Skylar Pond

Dr. Pond’s life took a turn toward sports medicine in the year 2000 when he suffered an MRI confirmed labral tear in his right shoulder while pursuing a passion in competitive rugby. The options posed to him were a) get the shoulder surgically repaired or b) stop tackling people and having fun. He chose c) develop a demanding and experimental shoulder stabilization routine and continue to play pain-free. It was the success of this experiment that inspired him to pursue a degree that would give him the opportunity to share that same level of success with as many people as possible.  Now as a sports chiropractor in Seattle, Dr. Pond is a resource to coaches and athletes who seek an alternative to injury care beyond rest, ibuprofen or surgery.

Dr. Pond graduated from The University of Western States with a doctorate in chiropractic in 2008. He continued his education at UWS to achieve the additional degree of Certified Chiropractic Sports Physican and serves as the team physician of the Old Country Iron Club’s Competition Team.

Dr. Pond does his best to practice what he preaches.  He was recently featured as a competitor on Steve Austin’s televised competition- The Broken Skull challenge.  He earned his IKFF rank of Master of Sport in the #70 kettlebell snatch sprint set last year and he competes in the Crossfit Games Northwest Regionals ever year as either an individual or team competitor with Team Old Country Iron.

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