Iron Club Athletics

Zach Filer

Zach has over 8 years of coaching under his belt, in both the team and individual aspects of sport. For the past 6 years he's been working in the fitness industry including personal training, running a strength and conditioning facility and traveling to instruct for the Crossfit Kettlebell Instructor Certification staff.
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Marissa Luchau

Marissa has been training in the fitness industry for 3 years; her recent experience includes personal training, assisting in the running of a Strength and Conditioning facility and traveling to assist with Old Country Iron's Kettlebell and Strength and Conditioning Seminars. Marissa has been coaching many more years in a variety of sports including; basketball, soccer and track and field.
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Excellence Chiropractic

Skylar Pond

Dr. Skylar Pond, D.C., CCSP has been a sports medicine chiropractor in Seattle for the past 5 years. His treatment plans involve Graston Technique and orthopedic massage as well as chiropractic and physical therapy exercises because feeling better is a consequence of moving better.
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Lincoln Smith

I fell in love with weight training at age 12. I played football and wrestled all through high school and into college. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science and have continued to educate myself on a daily basis for the last 8 years. I have trained over 10,000 private sessions and group classes. Along with being a fitness coach to others, I also strive to be a better athlete than I was when I was younger. Over the past 8 years I have competed as a bodybuilder, a submission wrestler, and a Crossfitter. I practice what I preach to the fullest. Fitness imitates life.
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